Pick Up To Eilat Reservation Form

Dear customer, Eilat Taxi thank you for your decision to use our services, If you want to make a Reservation you have to fill out the form and submit.

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(baby considered as a passenger)    Up To 23kg

Baby Carrier  

Child Seat   Up to 18 kg Extra charge50 Shekels 

Child Booster   From Age 3 Extra charge : 25 Shekels Each

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Pick Up Vehicle Number Of  Taxis  

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Credit card charge authorization terms and conditions:

I authorize Eilat Taxi to charge me the amount that mention above . I understand  these charges may include , waiting time (75 shekels rate1 or 93 shekels rate 2 for each hour-the charge will be by minutes, the first 20 minutes waiting will be no charge)  I understand  that if I cannot  locate my driver, it is my responsibility to call the Eilat Taxi dispatcher at phones numbers: 972528327781  or  972509926000 or Whatsapp +972528327781 or call  local numbers  at phones  : 052-8327781  or  050-9926000. Failure to call Eilat Taxi and leaving a pickup location will result in a no-show charge to my credit card. No-show charges may include  full  payment  for  my  reservation, I understand that if I wish to cancel my reservation, it is my responsibility to notify Eilat Taxi at least 24 hours before pick up time. Failure to do so will result full reservation fare. waiting time will be pay in cash to the driver at the end of the trip.

journey cancellation in time and after credit card payment the customer will receive a full refund .

Eilat Taxi  can send two taxis instead minivan/minibus up to 8 pax without notice and without additional charge.

i accept the terms